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Where is Environmental Health and Safety located on Campus? 
  • Our Department is located at 211 Warren Square.
How do I make sure my lab is in compliance? 
  • Laboratories are required to meet the requirements of OSHA and other regulatory agencies. Please contact EH&S at 610-758-4251 if you have any questions on regulatory compliance. Everyone in your laboratory must have access to, and be familiar with, the reference information (Safety Data Sheets) for the chemicals used in your laboratory. Your laboratory must store chemicals correctly. Everyone in your laboratory must have access to, and be familiar with, the Chemical Hygiene Plan and Lehigh University Waste Disposal Guidelines.
Do I need training before working in a lab? 
​How do I properly dispose of hazardous waste?
  • All waste generators must be trained before working with processes that generate waste.  Generators of hazardous waste must dispose of their waste according to Lehigh University’s Hazardous Waste Procedures. If you have hazardous waste to be disposed of, contact Elaine Kuchera at 610-758-4248 or emk3@lehigh.edu.
What do I do if there is an emergency on campus?
  • Immediately call Lehigh Campus Safety at 8-4200 from a campus phone or 610-758-4200 from a cell phone or outside line.
What is the Hazard Communication Program? 
  • The Hazard Communication Program requires that employees be informed of any hazardous chemicals in their workplace. The objective of the HazCom Program is employee safety and health in the work area where chemicals are present. Your Supervisor or Principle Investigator is the University’s representative and is responsible for informing you of hazards in your workplace. In addition, EH&S is available for safety training on specific topics, including Right to Know.
Is there an emergency plan for the campus?
  • The Disaster Environmental Preparedness Prevention (DEPP) Plan is a university-wide emergency response plan that provides directions for campus emergencies.